Foster Rush has extensive expertise in ceramic, metal and glass technology in the areas of electronics, nanotechnology and clean tech. This expertise covers all aspects of both business and technology development and management. The consultancy brings to its clients hands-on experience in manufacturing process engineering, applications engineering, technical service,  product design and development and product line management.

With this breadth of knowledge and experience Foster Rush is skilled in creating technology driven manufacturing and research and development organizations for companies positioned in all phases of the business life cycle:

  • Start-up
  • Expansion
  • Contraction
  • Turnaround
  • Re-engineering

Foster Rush is dedicated to helping companies achieve sustainable growth and profitability through the commercialization of innovative materials technology. To achieve that objective the consultancy is engaged in some of the following areas:

  • Business position assessment
  • Tools for turnaround and growth
  • Benchmarks to measure performance
  • Market Analysis (forecasting, pricing studies, should-cost analysis)
  • Raw material selection/development, strategic planning and supply chain development including supplier audits
  • Risk analysis and mitigation planning
  • Emerging technology assessments including technology road mapping
  • Strategic marketing and business development
  • New product development (benchmarking, design, prototypes, production scaleup, introduction, performance data)
  • Product management (failure analysis, corrective & preventive action, application engineering)
  • Technology and business analysis for investment opportunities
  • Strategic plan development and tactical plan deployment