Foster Rush is an electronics, nanotechnology and clean tech consulting firm that is providing critical information enabling clients to achieve their specific business and technical needs. By offering a unique combination of industry knowledge, technical expertise and business management experience Foster Rush has developed into a respected global strategic business development consultancy. Retained consulting services are providing clients with ongoing insight as well as analysis and advice that lead to informed and confident actions.

Dedicated to enabling clients to achieve sustainable growth and profitability through its expertise in ceramic, metal and glass technology Foster Rush has the following market segment focus:


  • Multilayer ceramic capacitors, inductors, varistors
  • Low temperature and high temperature co-fired ceramic packages and substrates
  • Modules
  • MEMS sensors
  • Microwave resonators
  • Touch screen displays
  • Thick film systems
  • LED


  • Print electronics
  • Drug delivery
  • Coatings
  • Composites


  • Solid oxide fuel cell
  • Advanced battery
  • Solar cell
  • Pollution control
  • SMART grid

Foster Rush is privileged to work with some of the leading suppliers of materials, components, and manufacturing tools and the leading financial institutions that enable industry growth and investment. Foster Rush can develop a program to meet your needs in electronics, nanotechnology and clean tech.